Perform magnetic experimentation in many different ways. Build a racer with magnetically levitating parts. Discover the secret behind the mystery dangler, and have fun in water with a magnetic fishing game and sailboat. Magnets and magnetism form an integral part of the National Science Curriculum at Key Stages 1 and 2. Use this kit to support learning about the properties and changes of materials.                                                                    2 x Super power bar magnets, 2 x Ring magnets,1 x Magnet handle
1 x Car/Boat chassis,4 x Wheels
1 x Long axle,1 x Short axle
1 x Rod for fishing wand/yacht mast
1 x fishing wand joint
2 x Ring magnet joints
Magnetic fish, Metal screw nuts, roll of thread and detailed assemble and game instructions with fun facts.

Age 8+